The Collateral Families Of Castelnuovo di Porto And Contigliano Italy
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1. ***Marriages***  
2. ***Marriages2***  
3. Abt. Birthdates for Castelnuovo Di Porto  
4. All medialinks sorted by person This is intended to see where the missing document images may overlap with the existing photo images 
5. Ancestors With Today's Birthday Everyone born on the current day. 
6. Born 1925 or after Order by birthday Deceased = 0, Living = 1 
7. Born between 1900 and 1930 Order by birthday Deceased = 0, Living = 1  
8. Born in Castelnuovo and Married in Santa Maria Assunta Born in Castelnuovo Di Porto and Married in La Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta All Marriages showing Year only Order by Wedding Year  
9. Castelnuovo di Porto - All Marriages Order by Weddingday 
10. Castelnuovo di Porto - All Marriages before 1871 Order by Weddingday 
11. Castelnuovo di Porto - Birthdate contains Abt Order by birthday 
12. Cemetery Report  
13. Child Relationship with Parent = 'biological' One row per child; looks at both mother and father 
14. Child Relationships to Parents is not defined One row per person; looks at both mother and father 
15. Find marriage in Castelnuovo Di Porto  
16. Find Twins  
17. Incomplete Birth Dates  
18. La Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta - All Marriages before 1871 Order by Weddingday 
19. List of missing files. The Thumbnails utility at Admin>>Media>>Thumbnails will create thumbnails for all media records that refer to files with .jpg, .jpeg, and .png extensions. (It can take several minutes to run.) At that point, any media records a) whose filename has a .jpg, .jpeg, or .png extension, AND b) without a thumbnail value represent files that are missing. 
20. People Marked as Living People whose "Living" flag is set, sorted by Birthdate and last name. Since the results show Marriage Date, people with more than one marriage are listed more than once. If you remove Marriage Date from the "Fields to Display", the report will show you the correct count of people who are marked as Living. Note that under Admin >> Miscellaneous >> Data Validation, you'll find a report called " Person marked as deceased, possibly still living", which lists people who are not marked as living, but who should be.  
21. Same Spouses Married Twice  

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