The Collateral Families Of Castelnuovo di Porto And Contigliano Italy
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Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
[Sheshequin] [Bradford County] [Pennsylvania]


Latitude: 41.8559302777778, Longitude: -76.4910125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CIMINO, Mr. Domenic  3 Apr 1911Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I1641
2 DESIMONE, Mr. Anthony Matthew Sr.   I6008
3 MARLOW, Ms. Peggy J.   I4357
4 MARSH, Ms. Eliza  12 Aug 1844Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5467
5 VAN CISE, Mr. John Murray Melvin  12 May 1855Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5402
6 VAN CISE, Ms. Josephine  Abt 1851Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5403
7 VAN SEYSSEN, Mr. Johannes  16 Jan 1726Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5004
8 VAN SICE, Mr. Cornelius  29 Mar 1737Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5432
9 VAN SISE, Ms. Christine C.  26 Jun 1911Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5485
10 VAN SISE, Ms. Harriet Gertrude  7 Sep 1861Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5591
11 VAN SISE, Mr. Justus A.  3 Jul 1850Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5001
12 VAN SISE, Ms. Marjery Ion  16 Oct 1899Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5475
13 VAN SISE, Mr. Samuel M.  Abt 1842Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I4998
14 VROOMAN, Ms. Helena Magdalena  10 Nov 1707Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5007


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BUSH, Ms. Anna  24 Aug 1898Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I4986
2 DRAKE, Ms. Amelia E.  20 Dec 1904Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5122
3 ROCKEFELLER, Mr. John Nobel  20 Mar 1859Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I4649
4 ROSE, Ms. Charlotte  14 Apr 1881Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5020
5 STRATTON, Ms. Virginia Ruth  30 May 2001Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I17
6 VAN SISE, Mr. Abraham Sr.  4 Jan 1881Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I4985
7 VAN SISE, Mr. Abraham B. Jr.  11 Oct 1857Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I4589
8 VAN SISE, Mr. Abraham B.  20 Apr 1892Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5466
9 VAN SISE, Mr. Albert LeRoy  1912Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5470
10 VAN SISE, Mr. Andrew Yates  8 Mar 1914Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I4989
11 VAN SISE, Ms. Blanche Ida  1986Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5476
12 VAN SISE, Mr. Cornelius  28 Jul 1865Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I4987
13 VAN SISE, Mr. Jeremiah G.  23 Sep 1863Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I4997
14 VAN SISE, Mr. Johannes  28 Oct 1849Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5050
15 VAN SISE, Mr. John Cornelius Sr.  28 Oct 1849Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5002
16 VAN SISE, Mr. Samuel  1 Jun 1891Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I5018
17 VAN SISE, Mr. William Riley  25 Feb 1915Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania I4992


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CAMPBELL / VAN SISE  23 May 1768Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania F1634
2 TRUAX / VAN SISE  7 Jun 1771Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania F1630
3 VAN CISE / HOLLEN  9 Sep 1908Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania F1616
4 VAN SICE / PEEK  8 Nov 1732Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania F1637
5 VAN SISE / KRANKHEYT  Abt 1784Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania F1631
6 VAN SISE / MARSH  18 Dec 1859Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania F1757
7 VAN SYSEN / MARSELIS  16 Jul 1757Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania F1497

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