The Collateral Families Of Castelnuovo di Porto And Contigliano Italy
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Rome, Lazio, Italy

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Rome, Lazio, Italy
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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALDARELLI, Mr. Mario  Abt. 1911Rome, Lazio, Italy I9485
2 BELLABARBA, Ms. Liliana  Abt. 1922Rome, Lazio, Italy I9489
3 CARLUCCIO, Marina  8 Aug 1953Rome, Lazio, Italy I9452
4 CESI, Ms. Ada  Rome, Lazio, Italy I9490
5 CICCONI, Mr. Romolo  Abt. 1898Rome, Lazio, Italy I9372
6 FIORINI, Mr. Giulio  Abt. 1893Rome, Lazio, Italy I9371
7 GALLINELLI, Mr. Alberto  30 Sept 1929Rome, Lazio, Italy I4431
8 MASTROGIACOMO, Mr. Primo  1 Jul 1898Rome, Lazio, Italy I9365
9 PAMPANINI, Ms. Silvana  25 Sept 1925Rome, Lazio, Italy I9546
10 PARIS, Mr. Lorenzo  7 Mar 2007Rome, Lazio, Italy I9461
11 POMPONI, Mr. Orazio  13 May 1897Rome, Lazio, Italy I9367
12 SCOTTI, Mr. Ciro  Abt. 1904Rome, Lazio, Italy I9487
13 SEBASTIANI, Ms. Margarita  Abt 1871Rome, Lazio, Italy I1274
14 TISBA, Mr. Virginio  Abt.1914Rome, Lazio, Italy I9483
15 VALENTINI, Ms. Maddalena  Abt. 1860Rome, Lazio, Italy I5697


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AMORETTI, Ms. Geltrude  23 Apr 1974Rome, Lazio, Italy I532
2 CAVALLETTI, Mr. Antonino  29 Mar 1966Rome, Lazio, Italy I9132
3 FALZINI, Mr. Giuseppe Sebastiano  28 Jan 1966Rome, Lazio, Italy I6739
4 FALZINI, Mr. Nazzareno Raffaele Antonino  1 Oct 1974Rome, Lazio, Italy I442
5 GALLINELLI, Mr. Alfredo  8 Apr 2005Rome, Lazio, Italy I9428
6 GENTILI, Ms. Giulia  Rome, Lazio, Italy I9471
7 GIAMMARILE, Mr. Adelmo  30 Sept 2020Rome, Lazio, Italy I4454
8 GIOVANNETTI, Mr. Mentore Renato Luigi  1 Jul 1961Rome, Lazio, Italy I3379
9 GIOVANNETTI, Mr. Ovidio Angelo  8 Jun 1978Rome, Lazio, Italy I6764
10 LAZZARI, Mr. Antonio  17 Dec 1978Rome, Lazio, Italy I9128
11 LAZZARI, Ms. Domenica  12 Jan 1982Rome, Lazio, Italy I4470
12 LUCATONI, Mr. Pacifico  11 Apr 1886Rome, Lazio, Italy I603
13 MARCHETTI, Mr. Edvige  5 Jan 1970Rome, Lazio, Italy I7691
14 NARDUZZI, Mr. Aldo Emilio Maulio  18 Nov 2006Rome, Lazio, Italy I9112
15 PAMPANINI, Mr. Remo  3 Jul 1954Rome, Lazio, Italy I3445
16 PASQUETTI, Ms. Antonina  12 Jan 2012Rome, Lazio, Italy I9176
17 PASQUETTI, Mr. Giuseppe  12 May 2016Rome, Lazio, Italy I9156
18 PERINI, Ms. Pacifica Rosanna Edvige  25 Jun 1976Rome, Lazio, Italy I3481
19 PERINI, Mr. Romolo Aldo Gervasio  18 Nov 1985Rome, Lazio, Italy I6799
20 PICCHIOTTI, Mr. Edmondo  11 May 2009Rome, Lazio, Italy I9488
21 PICCHIOTTI, Mr. Tommaso Fernando Antonino  12 Oct 1983Rome, Lazio, Italy I6808
22 POLINARI, Mr. Armando  2 Oct 1955Rome, Lazio, Italy I4885
23 POLINARI, Ms. Renata Giuliana Anna  24 Mar 1977Rome, Lazio, Italy I3482
24 PROSCIUTTI, Mr. Domenico  4 Feb 1966Rome, Lazio, Italy I9097
25 RENZOPAOLI, Mr. Achille  20 Oct 1942Rome, Lazio, Italy I9168
26 ROCCHI, Mr. Emilio  28 Mar 1982Rome, Lazio, Italy I4549
27 RUSCHI, Ms. Sestilia  8 Feb 2008Rome, Lazio, Italy I9092
28 SERRETTI, Ms. Mafalda  8 Nov 2005Rome, Lazio, Italy I9430
29 TISI, Ms. Angelina  21 Jan 1984Rome, Lazio, Italy I9376
30 TRAVAGLINI, Mr. Vittorio  10 May 1972Rome, Lazio, Italy I533
31 TURCHI, Ms. Domenica Rosa  5 Dec 1975Rome, Lazio, Italy I9086
32 TURCHI, Ms. Maddalena  27 Nov 1984Rome, Lazio, Italy I9090
33 VIRGILI, Ms. Vanda  30 Jun 2015Rome, Lazio, Italy I9113

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