The Collateral Families Of Castelnuovo di Porto And Contigliano Italy
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Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary

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Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary
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Latitude: 47.5536783333333, Longitude: 19.2827555555556


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DANKO, Mr. Jacobus  Abt 1856Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2952
2 DANKO, Mr. Joannes  Abt 1849Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I3560
3 JURASKO, Ms. Catharina  6 Nov 1837Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2727
4 JURASKO, Mr. Georgius  Abt 1800Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2738
5 KARPEL, Ms. Maria  Abt 1795Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2735
6 KURILLA, Ms. Anna  Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2720
7 KURILLA, Ms. Anna  6 Aug 1837Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2729
8 KURILLA, Mr. Gregorius  9 Mar 1860Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I3573
9 KURILLA, Ms. Maria  Abt 1805Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2739
10 LABANC, Mr. Franciscus  Abt 1872Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I3579
11 MATUSCSAK, Mr. Georgius  Abt 1835Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I530
12 MATUSCSAK, Ms. Maria  10 Apr 1878Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2950
13 MIKULA, Ms. Barbara  Abt 1804Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I3535
14 ONDAS, Ms. Elisabeth  Abt 1877Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I3581
15 ONDAS, Mr. Mathias  Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2973
16 ONDAS, Ms. Rosalia  22 Sep 1873Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2975
17 PAPCUN, Ms. Magdalena  Abt 1837Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2951
18 PELES, Ms. Juditha  Abt 1835Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2723
19 RABATIN, Ms. Maria  Abt 1805Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I3704


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 KURILLA, Ms. Anna  Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2720
2 VASCAK, Ms. Anna  21 Apr 1895Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2827


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 KARPEL, Ms. Maria  Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2735
2 KURILLA, Ms. Anna  Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2720
3 KURILLA, Ms. Anna  18 May 1902Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2729
4 KURILLA, Mr. Gregorius  Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I3573
5 MATUSCSAK, Mr. Georgius  Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I530
6 PAPCUN, Ms. Magdalena  Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2951
7 RABATIN, Ms. Maria  Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I3704
8 UNKNOWN, Ms. Anna  5 May 1868Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2912
9 VASCAK, Ms. Anna  23 Jan 1905Richno, Comit, Swepes, Hungary I2827

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