The Collateral Families Of Castelnuovo di Porto And Contigliano Italy
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Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina

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Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina
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Latitude: -32.048145, Longitude: -63.5745386111111


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ACOSTA, Rocio Milagros  6 Apr 2001Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I6459
2 CEBALLOS, Ms. Paola Alejandra  25 Nov 1980Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4284
3 GAUNA, Mr. Alberto  1 Sep 1947Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4936
4 GAUNA, Mr. Fernando  3 Feb 1976Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4935
5 GAUNA, Ms. Rita  13 Jul 1982Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4934
6 GIAMARILI, Mr. Andrea  10 Feb 1977Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4744
7 GIAMARILI, Ms. Carolina  18 Jun 1974Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4743
8 GIAMARILI, Mr. Gustavo  5 May 1979Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4745
9 GIAMARILI, Ms. Veronica  7 Dec 1972Oliva-Cordoba, Argentina I4742
10 GIAMMARILE, Mr. Agustin  3 Apr 1913Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4407
11 GIAMMARILE, Ms. Maria Isabel  29 Oct 1952Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4411
12 GIAMMARILE, Ms. Marta Ines  8 Aug 1942Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4409
13 GIAMMARILE, Mr. Miguel Angel  21 Sep 1941Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4484
14 GIAMMARILE, Ms. Monica Edith  25 Feb 1963Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4412
15 GIAMMARILE, Ms. Myrihan  4 Feb 1940Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4415
16 GIAMMARILE, Mr. Pedro  3 Jun 1915Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4413
17 GIAMMARILE, Mr. Pedro  15 Feb 1979Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4900
18 GIAMMARILE, Ms. Susanna Beatris  29 Jul 1945Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4410
19 GIORDANO, Claudia Elizabeth del Valle  30 Sept 1968Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I6456
20 GIORDANO, Fabian Guillermo  22 Jul 1974Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I6460
21 GIORDANO, Florencia Lourdes  19 Apr 2004Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I6469
22 GIORDANO, Franco Nicolas del Valle  7 Apr 1998Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I6468
23 GIORDANO, Ms. Gladys Maria Gloria  21 Sep 1939Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4421
24 GIORDANO, Macarena Soledad Giordano  15 May 1995Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I6467
25 GIORDANO, Sandra Karina  13 Mar 1972Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I6457
26 GIORDANO, Ms. Teresita  2 Apr 1945Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4422
27 LOPEZ, Mr. Walter Eduardo  9 Oct 1964Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I6330
28 NIGRELLI, Mr. Pablo Sebastian  26 Sep 1977Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4746
29 ROMERO, Lucas Emanuel del Valle  3 Jul 1990Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I6463
30 ROMERO, Lucia Belen  26 Mar 1997Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I6465
31 ROMERO, Maximiliano Andres  17 Jul 1993Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I6464
32 ROMERO, Oriana Janet  19 Feb 2001Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I6466
33 TORRES, Norma  Abt. 1974Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I6461
34 VEGA, Ms. Azucena  21 Jul 1969Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4739


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALBARRACIN, Mr. Estaban Raul  13 Sep 2001Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4417
2 GIAMARILI, Mr. Omar  24 Apr 2012Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4740
3 GIAMMARILE, Mr. Agustin  3 May 1988Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4407
4 GIAMMARILE, Ms. Marta Ines  15 Aug 2010Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4409
5 GIAMMARILE, Mr. Pedro  22 Nov 1994Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4413
6 GIAMMARILE, Ms. Susanna Beatris  9 Aug 1996Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4410
7 GIORDANO, Ms. Gladys Maria Gloria  5 Oct 2019Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4421
8 GIORDANO, Mr. Wilfredo Antonio Francisco  23 Jan 1963Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina I4424


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
2 Lopez / GIORDANO  28 Nov 1963Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina F2002
3 NIGRELLI / CEBALLOS  12 May 2003Oliva-Córdoba, Argentina F1840

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