The Collateral Families Of Castelnuovo di Porto And Contigliano Italy
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Latitude: 40.71455, Longitude: -74.0071247222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 APPEL, Ms. Engletje  Abt 1701New York I5431
2 BEEBEE, Mr. Martin C.  4 May 1867New York I8966
3 BLOM, Ms. Francyntje  Abt 1740New York I5433
4 BREWER, Ms. Clarinda  Abt 1831New York I5089
5 CARELSZEN, Ms. Catherina  Abt 1705New York I5388
6 CARELSZEN, Mr. Cornelis  15 Mar 1695New York I5385
7 CARELSZEN, Mr. Elias  4 Sep 1701New York I5387
8 CARELSZEN, Mr. Guysbert  5 Sep 1712New York I5390
9 CARELSZEN, Mr. Johannes  19 Feb 1699New York I5386
10 CARELSZEN, Ms. Kristina  21 Mar 1708New York I5389
11 DIPRINZO, Ms. Helene Lee  2 Jun 1968New York I8597
12 FALZINI, Ms. Rina  15 Jan 1913New York I426
13 HINMAN, Mr. Hiram  Abt 1829New York I5316
14 HORTON, Ms. Cora Mae  15 Apr 1890New York I5517
15 KETCHAM, Ms. Phebe Emma  9 Aug 1847New York I5636
16 KRANKHEYT, Ms. Elizabeth  Abt 1765New York I5049
17 KRUSZEWSKI, Ms. Mary  1 Jan 1888New York I8321
18 LANRIDGE, Nancy  Abt. 1827New York I7874
19 LEWIS, Ms. Sarah Ann  Abt 1844New York I5612
20 MAGNASCO, Ms. Victoria   I4474
21 MCCARTER, John  Abt. 1825New York I7873
22 MCDERMOTT, Mr. Clemens  3 Mar 1900New York I6094
23 MCDERMOTT, Ms. Marie  Abt 1902New York I6087
24 MCDERMOTT, Mr. Philip  16 May 1922New York I6096
25 MCDERMOTT, Mr. William  Abt 1903New York I6150
26 MOTT, Ms. Susan A.  18 Aug 1869New York I5640
27 PAGLIA, Ms. Abigail Lee  1 Nov 1995New York I8598
28 PAGLIA, Ms. Chelsea Anne  8 Aug 1997New York I8599
29 PAGLIA, Mr. Nicholas John  5 Apr 2000New York I8600
30 PORTER, Dr. Abel R.  Abt 1818New York I5019
31 REESE, Ms. Emma  7 Sep 1834New York I5372
32 ROCKEFELLER, Mr. John Davison III  21 Mar 1906New York I6254
33 ROCKEFELLER, Mr. Winthrop  1 May 1912New York I6257
34 ROSE, Ms. Nettie  Abt 1871New York I5350
35 ROSE, Mr. Willard  Abt 1872New York I5353
36 ROSIEK, Ms. Frances Louise  Abt. 1942New York I6596
37 SPICERMAN, Ms. Harriet  Abt 1821New York I5500
38 SUMMERS, Ms. Adelaide Victoria  29 Oct 1837New York I5553
39 TEDESCO, Ms. Mary  26 Jul 1915New York I8791
40 TRUAX, Mr. Abraham Jellis  15 Oct 1749New York I5040
41 VAN CISE, Mr. John Francis  Abt 1864New York I5412
42 VAN CISE, Ms. Lillian May  18 Aug 1906New York I5518
43 VAN CISE, Mr. Marcus  Abt 1830New York I5027
44 VAN SICE, Ms. Catherina  1 Feb 1721New York I5542
45 VAN SICE, Mr. Cornelis  18 May 1719New York I5510
46 VAN SICE, Mr. Cornelis  15 Sep 1723New York I5543
47 VAN SICE, Ms. Sarah M.  4 Aug 1836New York I5495
48 VAN SISE, Mr. Abraham B. Jr.  Abt 1821New York I4589
49 VAN SISE, Ms. Addie  Abt 1881New York I5491
50 VAN SISE, Mr. Alanson Everett  17 Jan 1867New York I5637
51 VAN SISE, Mr. Alfred Floyd  18 Mar 1841New York I5459
52 VAN SISE, Mr. Charles  Abt 1822New York I5596
53 VAN SISE, Mr. Charles  27 Apr 1834New York I5442
54 VAN SISE, Mr. Charles A.  Abt 1772New York I5451
55 VAN SISE, Mr. Edward  Abt 1860New York I5571
56 VAN SISE, Mr. Elbert  31 Jul 1837New York I5443
57 VAN SISE, Ms. Fannie M.  Abt 1855New York I5570
58 VAN SISE, Mr. Frank M.  1 May 1879New York I5490
59 VAN SISE, Mr. Henry  Abt 1860New York I5501
60 VAN SISE, Mr. James Bashford  4 Mar 1862New York I5572
61 VAN SISE, Ms. Jessie  Abt 1877New York I5488
62 VAN SISE, Mr. John J.  Abt 1825New York I5499
63 VAN SISE, Mr. Lewis A.  24 Jun 1885New York I5492
64 VAN SISE, Mr. Martin  18 Aug 1842New York I5445
65 VAN SISE, Ms. Mary E.  27 May 1824New York I5439
66 VAN SISE, Ms. Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1816New York I5497
67 VAN SISE, Ms. Mertise  Abt 1876New York I5487
68 VAN SISE, Mr. William  Abt 1859New York I5554
69 VAN SISE, Mr. William Wallace  16 Feb 1878New York I5489
70 VAN SISE, Mr. Willis Augustus  Abt 1860New York I5502
71 VAN SYSEN, Mr. Johannes  22 Apr 1702New York I5430
72 VAN SYSEN, Mr. Johannes  18 Jan 1726New York I5547
73 VAN SYSEN, Mr. Simon  18 Jan 1693New York I5384
74 VAN VELSOR, Ms. Naomi  Abt. 1826New York I7096
75 VANPELT, Ms. Pheobe Ann  Abt 1819New York I5083
76 WEITMAN, Mr. Carl Usher   I5870
77 WHITE, Ms. Maria  Abt 1793New York I5454


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 APPEL, Ms. Engletje  1743New York I5431
2 BOCCUMINI, Ms. Anna  3 Jul 1960New York I9278
3 CARELSZEN, Mr. Cornelis  1720New York I5385
4 CARELSZEN, Mr. Cornelis  25 Oct 1733New York I5380
5 CARELSZEN, Mr. Joosten  11 May 1726New York I5091
6 DE HART, Ms. Catherine  15 Apr 1742New York I5382
7 JANS, Ms. Styntje  Abt 1704New York I5094
8 MCDERMOTT, Mr. Clemens  1909New York I6085
9 MCDERMOTT, Mr. Philip Francis  3 Dec 1918New York I6091
10 MCDERMOTT, Ms. Teresa  1916New York I6093
11 PHILBURN, Ms. Elizabeth  3 May 1966New York I6086
12 STILLWELL, Ms. Eleanor  9 Mar 1840New York I5452
13 VAN SISE, Mr. Charles A.  12 Oct 1835New York I5451
14 VAN SISE, Mr. Jeremiah  23 Feb 1864New York I5529
15 VAN SYSEN, Mr. Johannes  1774New York I5430
16 VERWEY, Ms. Judith  28 Nov 1757New York I5092


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CARELSZEN / BLIJDENBURGH  Abt 1717New York F1751
3 MCDERMOTT / MCCANN  Abt 1868New York F1513
5 ROCKEFELLER / FERRY  11 Nov 1932New York F2243
6 VAN SICE / BLOM  2 May 1763New York F1748
7 VAN SISE / SPICERMAN  Abt 1858New York F1766
8 VAN SISE / STILLWELL  8 Dec 1788New York F1753
9 VAN SISE / VAN SICE  1 Nov 1875New York F1764
10 VAN SISE / WHITNEY  18 Apr 1839New York F1756
11 VAN SYSEN / PELL  Abt 1717New York F1782

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