The Collateral Families Of Castelnuovo di Porto, Lazio, Italy
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Latitude: 51.1656910, Longitude: 10.4515260


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 SCHUCH, Ms. Matilda  12 Jun 1858Germany I7551
2 GODDARD, Ms. Magdalena  Abt. 1592Germany I6244
3 GORSKI, Mr. John  Abt. 1882Germany I7911
4 HEPNER, Ms. Margaret M.  Abt. 1881Germany I6992
5 JOSKEN, Mr. Vincent  Abt. 1820Germany I7557
6 KWASNIEWSKI, Mr. Michael  Abt. 1880Germany I6970
7 LEADER, Mr. Albert  Abt. 1871Germany I7031
8 MASSE, Ms. Magdalena  1 Jan 1834Germany I7006
9 MEYER, Mr. Albert  Abt. 1876Germany I7289
10 POLLOCK, Ms. Anna  Abt. 1816Germany I7558
11 ROCKENFELLAR, Mr. Johannes  Abt. 1655Germany I6240
12 ROCKENFELLER, Ms. Anna Catherine  Abt. 1724Germany I6224
13 ROCKENFELLER, Ms. Eva Catherine  Abt. 1725Germany I6225
14 STROZEWSKI, Ms. Victoria  Abt. 1882Germany I6971
15 TROPF, Ms. Lydia  Abt. 1899Germany I7275
16 WOLFF, Mr. John  27 May 1861Germany I8050
17 ZACHARIAS, Mr. Henry C.  5 Mar 1836Germany I7005

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