The Collateral Families Of Castelnuovo di Porto And Contigliano Italy
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Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy

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Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy
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Latitude: 42.3922484722222, Longitude: 12.7714694444444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FALSINI, Ms. Anna Maria  10 Jan 1865Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I3691
2 FALSINI, Ms. Anna Maria  18 Sep 1875Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I3804
3 FALSINI, Ms. Antonia Francesca  Abt 1857Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I3858
4 FALSINI, Mr. Antonio  28 Oct 1878Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I3946
5 FALSINI, Ms. Barbara  28 Nov 1875Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I4258
6 FALSINI, Mr. Domenico  17 Apr 1887Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I4259
7 FALSINI, Mr. Francesco  8 Apr 1871Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I3681
8 FALSINI, Mr. Giovanni  19 Mar 1866Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I3688
9 FALSINI, Ms. Ida  29 May 1910Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I6920
10 FALSINI, Ms. Lucia  Abt 1843Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I3753
11 FALSINI, Mr. Luigi  Abt 1855Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I3762
12 FALSINI, Mr. Mariano  7 Oct 1869Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I3759
13 FALSINI, Mr. Sante  Abt 1850Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I3952
14 FALSINI, Mr. Stefano Angelo  8 May 1857Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I4277
15 FALSINI, Mr. Vincenzo  17 Feb 1876Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I3808
16 FRATTALI, Ms. Paolo  Abt 1852Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I4271
17 IMPECIATI, Ms. Domenica  Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I9790
18 MURATORI, Ms. Barbara  4 Apr 1866Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I4283
19 SORGI, Ms. Anna  Abt 1827Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I4270


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FALSINI, Ms. Anna Maria  7 Nov 1869Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I3691
2 FALSINI, Ms. Barbara  8 Jan 1886Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I4258
3 FALSINI, Mr. Mariano  8 Nov 1880Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I3759
4 SORGI, Ms. Anna  6 May 1881Collebaccaro, Rieti, Italy I4270

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