The Collateral Families Of Castelnuovo di Porto, Lazio, Italy
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Family: Mr. Frank SZABO / Ms. Mary MACKO (F1881)

m. Abt 1943

Family Chart 

Mr. Sandor SZABO, Sr.Mr. Sandor SZABO, Sr.
Male (1882-1966)
Ms. Katalin SZABOMs. Katalin SZABO
Female (1888-1956)
Ms. Erma Rose SZABOMs. Erma Rose SZABO
Female (1906-1955)
Ms. Margaret SZABOMs. Margaret SZABO
Female (1908-1946)
Ms. Mary MACKO
Female (1914-2000)Relationship
Mr. Frank SZABO
Male (1913-1999) Relationship

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