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Hello, My name is Richard J. Falzini and for the past 30 years I have been researching my own personal family genealogy.

I have decided to take my research talents I have established and help others with my skills who are in need of further assistance with their own genealogy. I live in Cleveland, Ohio and can greatly help those with brick walls in their researches in and around the Cleveland area.I specialize in Italian genealogy and am quite knowledgeable in reading Italian documents i.e.. birth, marriage, death records, etc. If my services are something you may be interested in retaining please contact me to discuss your project and we will take the time to discuss what needs to be researched, how much information you want searched, and my fee to proceed.

The following genealogical research process is the starting point for each project. As the project becomes better defined and understood, we adjust the genealogy research process to meet the needs of our clients:

Define the Research Challenge: We first review the information you already have, then discuss the research challenge with you and make sure we both clearly understand what you want to accomplish.

Develop a Research Plan: We develop a research plan that outlines what we will do to find the information you want.

Conduct the Research: The research plans involve going to libraries, courthouses, archives, cemeteries and other places to search for the information. As we search we may photocopy pertinent records or acquire official copies.

Analyze the Findings: We regularly review our genealogy research and make conclusions about what we have found. We also compare our findings with other documents to confirm or disprove conclusions.

Report the Findings: Periodically, we prepare reports about our research activities. The report includes photocopies or abstracts of important information. It may also include suggestions for continued research.

Prepare Charts and Forms We can prepare forms such as pedigree charts, family group sheets, and applications to lineage societies.

Bill for Services: We bill for our services at agreed-upon intervals. Bills clearly identify the time spent and expenses incurred on the project to date. Bills are often included with reports. My fee generally starts at $35.00/Hr, however I will lower my fee to $25.00 for those who keep me on as a researcher for an extended period of time.

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